Hubert Auriol becomes 80 Day Race ambassador

Hubert Auriol, a three-time Dakar Rally winner, the first to win this competition by bike and car and worked nine years as the series’ director, has become an ambassador for 80 Day Race.

80 Day Race reminds Hubert of the early years of the Dakar Rally. “At that time we didn’t know much about cross-country racing, as we were the first to do it. Everybody said it was crazy, because nobody knew what it was and it really became a huge event. I think that’s the same with the 80 Day Race; it’s a new adventure, it’s a new way of thinking, but it carries the same spirit. It’s completely the right moment to initiate something new: going around the world with no common way of using an engine. I directly was intrigued by its concept and knew I must support 80 Day Race.”

Read and listen why Auriol got inspired by 80 Day Race.

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