80 Day Race starts from VivaTech Paris 2020

80 Day Race starts from VivaTech Paris 2020

PARIS, May 16, 2019  –  80 Day Race has announced during a press conference at VivaTech in Paris that 80 Day Race will start its first race around the world from VivaTech June 13, 2020. The race is a competitive adventure with only zero-emission vehicles, a challenge that will push engineering to find solutions to go around the world with new, sustainable technology. As VivaTech shares 80 Day Race’s enthusiasm for innovations creating new possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology, this makes it the perfect event for the start the race.

80 Day Race is inspired by Jules Verne’s famous book ‘Around the world in 80 days’, written at a time when fossil fuel-based technology for the first time made it possible to travel around the world in less than 80 days. 80 Day Race recognises that with all the current developments towards sustainable mobility it is time to rewrite this epic adventure but this time without fossil fuel.

The Race aims to position itself as the motorsport adventure for the next generation, creating new heroes and legendary vehicles. It is a platform for R&D into zero-emission technologies to be applied to road cars. Because all race vehicles must be road legal, the technology will be directly relevant to production vehicles and the race will provide a great marketing platform to demonstrate new vehicles and innovative technology. 80 Day Race intends to not only appeal to motorsport lovers, but also fans of world-wide adventures and new technology enthusiasts.

VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation offering top speakers, exhibitions, open innovation and live experiences. This gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products taking place in Paris creates an inspiring atmosphere to send off the pioneering teams who are prepared to challenge new technology and push it to its limit during this epic adventure around the world.

The news was made public in front of selected guests and media during VivaTech 2019. Nicolas Douchement, Head of Operations & Experience Viva Technology, emphasised the increasing involvement of technology in mobility: “At VivaTech we bring together the latest innovations in technology. We recognize that a growing portion of the technological development is aimed at the mobility revolution, such as connected, electric and autonomous vehicles. 80 Day Race is a great platform to showcase and test these new technologies. Viva Technology is happy to be a part of this exciting adventure.”

Reflecting on the announcement, Frank Manders, co-founder and general director of 80 Day Race, said: “At VivaTech you can see how new technology inspires and captivates the new generation. It buzzes with energy.  To start 80 Day Race, a competition for new zero-emission technology, from this event is extremely fitting. New technology allows for a new generation of heroes to rise and make their mark on history!”

Hubert Auriol, three-time winner and former director of the Dakar Rally has joined as Race Director for 80 Day Race. He said: “When I first heard about 80 Day Race, I had the same feeling as 40 years ago when Thierry Sabine announced he would organise a new race between Paris and Dakar. 80 Day Race represents the same adventurous challenge, but it’s updated to fit the importance of mobility to move towards a sustainable future. It will be an exciting race with the aim to accelerate clean technology. To be able to start at VivaTech is a great privilege, the event draws an international crowd to Paris, interested in the latest innovations, a perfect audience for the start of this global competition.”

Since the opening of the team registration, already 4 pioneering teams have signed up.
It is an international mix of teams from the UK, the US, France and Bangladesh. The teams vary from professional, semi-professional, as well as amateur teams. Excited to be a part of this new adventure they have started preparing their vehicles and working out the best strategy for their team to obtain a podium place.

Team Torpedo from France
“Participating would already be a victory! Before and during the race we will do our best.”

Plug In Adventure from the UK
“In 2017 Plug In Adventure was the first team in the world to enter and complete the 10,000 Mongol Rally in an electric car, a 30kWh Nissan LEAF no less. So having already driven the most challenging part of this route, we have extensive experience and knowledge, which gives us a massive advantage over the other teams.”

EVR from France/ USA
“The first step is to win the possibility to be part of 80DR thanks to our sponsors and partners. Winning the first edition would be awesome, but I’m sure we will have to compete against very well-prepared teams and the route will be very long with certainly a lot of surprises along the way.”

Tanguar Racing from Bangladesh
“We are preparing in every way possible to achieve a win. We know there are far better vehicle entrants than ours, but we feel this race will be won on route strategy rather than the vehicle itself. But because this is our first ever attempt both individually and as a team, we will enjoy every moment of the race as if we have already won it.”

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80 Day Race starts from VivaTech Paris 2020

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