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Race around the world with zero-emission vehicles

New mobility calls for new legends

80 Day Race

A race inspired by Jules Verne’s novel ‘Around the world in 80 days‘. At the time this was written, in 1873, new technology – fossil fuel-based technology –  for the first time enabled one to travel around the world within 80 days. Today, we are at a new tipping point for mobility. This time new technology allows us to travel around the world within 80 days without fossil fuel.

A good time for a new adventure.

04 Team Torpedo

Team Torpedo Team 04 Participating would already be a victory! Before and during the race we will do our best. TEAM MEMBERS Arnaud NEGRIER: Captain, technical Management, Race vehicles Designer.…

03 Tanguar Racing

Tanguar Racing Team 03 We are preparing in every way possible to achieve a win. We know there are far better vehicle entrants than ours, but we feel this race…

02 Plug In Adventure

Plug In Adventure Team 02 In 2017 Plug in Adventure was the first team in the world to enter and complete the 10,000 Mongol Rally in an electric car, a…

01 EVR

EVR Team 01 The first step is to win the possibility to be part of 80DR thanks to our sponsors and partners. Winning the first edition would be awesome, but…

The route of the race for 2020 edition

In April 2020 the teams will start in Paris and will be heading east in the direction of China. Each team is free to choose its own route, to make the adventure even greater. From Asia, the teams will be transported across the North Pacific Ocean to arrive at the west coast of North America where the half way mark will be celebrated. Teams race through a variety of landscapes towards the east coast of Central America, before heading back to Europe via Morocco. From there, a short leg – which provides terrific broadcasting possibilities – will complete the around the world journey.

The rules are simple

The basic rules and regulations that teams have to meet, are designed to stimulate creativity, innovation and inventiveness.

Teams will consist of at least two persons; the Team Captain and the Vice Captain. They can be changed between legs and the Vice Captain even during a leg.

All vehicles have to be propelled by renewable resources and are not allowed to have a combustion engine.

Teams will have to respect the local legislation and cultural habits at all times.

The Pacific and Atlantic ocean crossing will be facilitated. For these crossings each team will receive the same amount of time added to their race time.

Teams will be ranked by the amount of time travelled during the race. Thus, the team with the least amount of race time earns the title ’80 Day Race winner’ and will be awarded during the prize giving ceremony.

The 80 Day Race rule book can be downloaded  here

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Enter a team for the race, become an ambassador, support the race or become a fan. All are equally welcome.

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Financial input will help us make the event more attractive to a bigger audience. Reach more people creating a bigger impact.

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Sushil Reddy

Sushil Reddy becomes 80 Day Race ambassador Sushil Reddy, founder of the Sun Pedal Ride, Guinness World Record holder for riding a solar bike across India, has become an 80…

Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard Initiator, chairman and pilot of Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard, is an ambassador of 80 Day Race. A shared vision on sustainability and the passion for adventure convinced Piccard…

Tom Touber

Tom Touber Former COO and winner of the Volvo Ocean Race, has become an ambassador of 80 Day Race. Tom Touber joins a group of leading figures from various industries…
"80 Day Race is the first real new adventure rally since the first Dakar rally"
Hubert Auriol