Maarten Steinbuch

Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and head of the Department of Control Systems Technology, researching solutions for clean, safe and sustainable smart mobility. Steinbuch: “I became ambassador of 80 Day Race because I strongly support the idea that sustainability can be fun. Racing sustainable cars is the best proof you can get. Sustainability is also a worldwide challenge. Hence, 80 Day Race can really help the automotive industry to push forward the idea of making global sustainability fun.”

Steinbuch also wants to enter a team for the race. “My ambition is to have at least one, but maybe more Dutch teams where knowledge institutes and innovation industry will bring out the best in each other. It also could be a solemnly student driven team. In that case I would like to bring together students from different schools. Not only students from our own university but also applied science students and vocational engineering students. It will be a heterogeneous team of young people working together on a major challenge, especially considering the deadline. I’m convinced that with the right energy and focus we will be able to attend 80 Day Race with a competitive team.’

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