Erik Lindbergh

As the CEO of Powering Imagination and grandson of aviation pioneers Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Erik has a long history as a visionary in the aviation community and promoter of new technologies. His own aviation accomplishments include: formation of LEAP to encourage electric flight, active roles with the X PRIZE to promote aviation and spaceflight, and a flight commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Spirit of St Louis journey. Erik has created hundreds of millions of media impressions for the causes he supports and the brands that support him.

Erik is a proud ambassador of 80 Day Race. He says: “The race is on! 80 Day Race teams are competing to show the world that sustainable transportation is here now. Just like the great aviation races and prizes of the 1920’s, there is no better way to inspire both the public and industry than a great race into the future of transportation.”

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