Albert Bosch

The successful Spanish adventurer and entrepreneur Albert Bosch has proudly given his support to 80 Day Race. Bosch has an extensive track record in sustainability, business and extreme sports. He became world’s first participant attempting to complete the Dakar Rally with a 100% electric vehicle in 2015.

Bosch started to develop an extensive professional career at the age of 26, founding or participating in various business projects, either alone or with partners or groups of investors who have accompanied him. In recent years his professional activity under the brand name INVERGROUP is basically focused on business and investment in the field of Energy and Environment projects; understanding that profitability should always be a priority combined with the ability and commitment to generate environmental benefits.

In terms of sports and adventure; Bosch took part in the Dakar Rally for 9 times on a motorbike, with a car, a buggy and most recently with a purpose built 100% electric vehicle. Bosch also completed the project “7 summits” consisting of climbing the highest peaks on each continent (2006-2010), reaching Mt. Everest in 2010, and has run more than 100 races in different disciplines of extreme sports. He was the first Spaniard who reached the South Pole from the coast, without external power or assistance and going alone for 98% of travel.

“We have to make our dreams come true,” finds Bosch. “We need big challenges in life. But we also have to be responsible in all our actions, because they always have an impact in our society and our planet. Therefore, we must decide each time if we want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. 80 Day Race is a great dream and a huge challenge to live. The way of doing it and its purpose is part of the solution for the future of our world.”

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