Tom Touber, former COO and winner of the Volvo Ocean Race, has become an ambassador of 80 Day Race. Touber joins a group of leading figures from various industries that embrace and support the challenges of the global sustainable race that will go over 40,000 kilometres solely with electric vehicles that don’t consume fossil fuel.

“I find 80 Day Race a great initiative and see a lot of parallels between this competition and the Volvo Ocean Race,” said Touber. “For example, teamwork is critical while sailing around the world depending only on the wind. The capability to innovate is key factor for success in this competition. You need to get the best out of your team, experiment doing things differently to achieve things they never achieved before. And what also counts for 80 Day Race, is that circumnavigating the world it is a boyhood dream for many and a real challenge. That’s what I like about 80 Day Race and I’m proud to become an ambassador.”