Louis Palmer is a Swiss motivational speaker and sustainability pioneer. He toured around the world with his solar-powered solartaxi, organised the Zero Emissions Race (first race around the world in 80 days for electric vehicles) and is the tour director of the WAVE (worlds largest electric vehicle rally).

Before participating actively in the field of sustainability, Louis already was an experienced traveller. “Wherever I travelled, wherever I’ve been, I’ve seen people talking about environmental issues and about global warming. I know we need solutions here.” Being welcomed with his solar-powered and electric cars everywhere he went confirmed this: “Everybody is really waiting for renewable energies so we don’t need any more petrol. That’s wonderful to see and really motivating.”

According to Louis, it’s important to promote sustainability in an appealing way to reach a wider audience. “It’s always good to add sportive elements to an event. It makes it really exciting, so people want to see it and people want to know who’s going to be the winner.” He thinks 80DR is a great next project to do this on a large scale. “There’s still so much work to be done. We have to do as much as possible to promote clean cars so that people all over the world know that this is our future – which is already available today!”