Javier de Rocafort is a successful entrepreneur and strategic advisor. Rocafort has a proven track record in sustainable racing as well. He therefore became a passionate 80 Day Race ambassador.

“I’m delighted, pleased and honoured to join this unique and thrilling endeavour inspired by Frank [Manders] with adventurous and pushing spirit.

“I hope we’ll be able to bring new visions, network and assistance to 80 Day Race and I feel confident this is the start of a long lasting and fruitful relation between our companies.

“80 Day Race is both a romantic and a futuristic venture at the same time, a venture where Jules Verne’s dreams blend with the technologies that will spearhead the future of mobility in the years to come.

“80 Day Race is about passion, endurance and commitment and these values are very well aligned with our own ventures, ventures like Quimera Project and our sustainable non-fossil-fueled racing initiative, QRR, making it a perfect fit between our organizations.

“Racing is about pushing the boundaries of whatever was done before and taking technologies and drivers to the limit, a will to prevail with technologies never used before in such an environment and 80 Day Race epitomizes all these elements.

“We, humans, are constantly evolving creatures, from the caves to the skyscrapers, from abacus to supercomputers. 80 Day Race has incardinated itself within this flow in a natural and positive way and we’re excited to join them in sending the world a message of hope and courage to change things for a better, brighter future for the next generations to come.”

Javier de Rocafort
Quimera Project/QuimeraRR