Is it possible to circumnavigate the globe in less than eighty days, using the newest technology, free of fossil fuels and combustion engines?

Inspired by Jules Verne’s book ‘Around the world in 80 days’, betting that new means of transportation make it possible to achieve this challenge, the most groundbreaking event of our time is being prepared.

In ’80 Day Race’ teams will race between eight of the most exciting locations around the world. They will choose their own routes and means of transportation. Any vehicle is allowed, as long as it runs on renewable resources and does not contain a combustion engine.

We are challenging today’s pioneers to leave a lasting legacy and help propel humanity into a sustainable future. Do Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Frits Goldschmeding, Eric Schmidt or Nicholas Woodman dare to take up a challenge of this magnitude?

Watch the intriguing videos and find out.

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