Tim Coronel is a successful and well-known Dutch racing driver, a true all-rounder with achievements in touring car, formula and rally racing. In the last couple of years his focus has been on the Dakar Rally.

Tim is very enthusiastic about e-mobility. “I want to be the first man who’s going to do Le Dakar, the whole 10.000 kilometres, fully, totally, electric.” Convinced the world of racing has a big impact on sustainable mobility, he claims: “Everybody always says racing is bad for the environment and that sort of stuff, but racing is sustainable, because technical innovations are being implemented in cars all over the world.”

For Tim racing is all about taking calculated risks. “It’s adrenaline; you don’t know what every hundred meters within the racing does. So you have to analyse, to take the risks, but always calculate the risks. Sometimes you crash. And that’s fun.” This adventurous nature makes him a perfect match with 80DR. “Sustainability is a little bit of….yeah, what can I say…it needs to be more sexy! It needs to grow fast, and I think that’s the future. So that’s why I love the 80 Day Race. It’s a big adventure like Jules Verne described. It’s the biggest adventure what I can see.”