Competing teams will choose its own routes and means of transport between the 8 stopovers. Any landbased vehicle is allowed as long as it runs on renewable resources and does not use a combustion engine. Considering speed, range and infrastructure, winners will have to be fast, cunning and will require strategy, endurance and inventiveness.

Each team will exist of at least a Team Captain and Vice-Captain. The Team Captain will have to travel the full distance of the race, the Vice-Captain can be changed at stopovers. Furthermore, a media team member will always remain nearby to capture all the adventures of the team and share these with the rest of the world. Additional team members are allowed.

A selection of candidate teams preparing their entry in 80 Day Race:


Mate Rimac (HRV) – CEO and founder of Rimac Automobili

“For Rimac, pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown is an integral part of our business philosophy. From building the first electric BMW to creating the latest 1.1MW Pikes Peak race car, we always try to amaze. When building Concept_One I think we delivered on all accounts! 80 Day Race is also about pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown, and with Rimac’s racing heritage it seems an obvious fit to enter in this race. We are here to show that an electric mobility future is exciting and that Rimac has what it takes to deliver the technology to achieve that.”

Albert Bosch (ESP) – successful Spanish adventurer and entrepreneur (website)

“As an adventurer I’ve always admired big personal challenges, but I also never forgot the purpose it must serve for the rest of society. The adventures should show the world what is possible if you are determined and have a will to achieve something. For example, I’ve made all my adventures CO2 neutral by trying to avoid emissions in the first place, but then compensating the CO2 output if there is really no other way. One of my adventures was entering the famous Dakar rally in a 100% electric vehicle in 2015. Now, since I’ve raced fully electric, I don’t want to return to combustion engines in any of my adventures, so a race like 80 Day Race is a welcome opportunity to enter the next big adventure and show case the future of mobility.”

Eric Vigouroux (FRA/USA) – successful off-road racing driver and team manager (website)

“80 Day Race is the only global competition promoting important values such as adventure and clean mobility and want to be part of it. I think it has the potential to become the next big sports challenge in the world and I really enjoy that! There is even a more personal reason to join. As I’ll turn 50 this year, my wife and I have four kids and I want to demonstrate that it is never too late to start doing things a better way. I want to make a difference in this world and to give my career a new direction for the years to come by promoting renewable energies. I feel like 80 Day Race is the perfect platform for that. I believe that attending the first edition will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history!”

Chris Ramsey (GBR) – Co-founder & EV Adventurer from Plug In Adventures 

“Pushing myself to the limits both physically and mentally, combined with sustainable methods of transport is something I thrive on. Recently I completed the iconic John O’Groats to Lands End and back! In under 55hrs, claiming the UK record all in a short range mass production EV. The opportunity to enter 80 Day Race is a life-changing experience I could not turn down, and will challenge teams to come up with the perfect balance between range, speed & charging to succeed.  It also provides the perfect platform for the ultimate EV adventure, while demonstrating to the world that sustainable methods of transport are viable for both businesses and the public today. Being a small in-house team from Scotland, we are the underdogs but aim to challenge the big teams all the way!”

Mohammad Tauseef Anwar (BGD) – Co-founder, Tanguar Racing

“Our team at Tanguar Racing strongly believes in the transformation of mobility into a sustainable industry. Participating in the 80 Day Race gives us the opportunity to experiment and implement engineering ideas at the most extreme scenarios. Bangladesh is a rapidly growing economy with large urban populations and great pool of engineering talent. Impact of climate change in our country is one of the most profound and a mandate to reverse that is urgently required. We hope our participation in a global event such as the 80 Day Race will inspire young engineers and entrepreneurs to invest their skill and talent in developing sustainable transportation solutions.”

helmet-1024x680Why participate?
80 Day Race provides a company unique opportunities for global brand marketing, business development, trade, corporate social responsibility, and employee engagement. The event offers an inspiring engagement opportunity during the 3-month period of the race in some of the fastest growing economies of the world.

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