STORM Eindhoven has unveiled world’s first electric touring motorcycle. A group of 30 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have worked over a year to complete an innovative battery-electric motorcycle with a range of 380 kilometres. The candidate 80 Day Race team prepares a first 26.000-kilometre trip next year.

Not only its range of 380 kilometres is ground breaking. The motorbike called ‘STORM Pulse’ is powered by a battery pack containing 24 ‘cartridges’ carrying a maximum amount of 28,5kWh energy. This modular package can be adjusted to suit a more sportive driving behaviour when desired. The 24 modules can be easily swapped.

An extensive test schedule and a showcasing tour through Europe will be completed before they start a global journey of 26.000 kilometres. The team calls it the ‘STORM World Tour’ and by relying on the existing infrastructure, STORM aims to complete the mission in 80 days. It would be the perfect training for competing in 80 Day Race that covers 40.000 kilometres in eight stages and 80 days.