Robert Llewellyn, a British actor, comedian, writer and premier e-mobility specialist has rich experience in explaining the possibilities of electric mobility: “One of the biggest obstacles people who’ve never driven them assume electric cars have is ‘range.’ While it’s obvious a battery can’t take you as far as a tank full of fossil fuel, long experience with electric vehicles has shown me that all is required is a slightly different attitude. When people see I have driven 38,000 miles in my car they start to re-consider.”

He thinks a 40,000 kilometre race around the world is therefore a perfect way to enthusiast and convince the crowd to switch to e-mobility, he adds: “When people hear that a group of people have driven around the world in 80 days, I firmly believe they will re-consider a lot more. The 80 Day Race is a wonderful way of communicating to the world that electric cars are here, they are not a fad and they are at present the most rapidly developing sector in the car industry.”