After officially launching their team recently, STORM Eindhoven kicked-off to make their adventure a reality. A group of 29 students from Eindhoven University of Technology is developing an electric motorcycle to participate in 80 Day Race.

We’ve asked Tim Gerth about their current challenges and roadmap.

How did friends, business partners and media respond on the team’s launch?
“The direct environment of our team members was well aware of our adventure, but they were happy to get to know our detailed plans and to meet the entire team as well. In addition our launch has been well received by Eindhoven University of Technology and our other partners.”

Why did the team decide to enter an electric motorcycle in 80 Day Race?
“One of our main targets is to improve the image of electric transport. We believe that the motorcycle is a very attractive way of transport. That’s why we believe that the motorcycle could provide right platform to improve the image of electric transport and there are many possibilities to innovate. For example safety and smart energy consumption are areas we are focussing on. Last but not least it offers strategic advantages in cities and in less accessible areas.”

What are team’s first priorities and what challenges are you currently facing?
“We are currently working on the vehicle’s concept. It must fit our targets and when this has been developed, we’ll seek involvement from the industry. We have really cool ideas that will surprise everyone, but we can’t reveal anything yet. In addition we are learning how it works on the area of logistics. As soon as the cities – which will host the stopovers – are known, it would be easier for us to draft a strategy. We are working with a team of 29 enthusiastic students of whom the majority will be working during the race. Apart from the race itself, the transportation of the entire team is a challenge as well.”

80 DR  presentatie 2 okt. 2014 124What was the most important reason to participate?
“We want to contribute to a sustainable future and especially to sustainable mobility. STORM Eindhoven aims to put sustainable transport into another perspective while riding around the world in 80 days on electric motorcycles. At the time of Jules Verne’s novel, it seemed revolutionary to travel around the world in 80 days. With the available means of transport it was technically possible at that time while using fossil fuels. If we keep being depended on fossil fuels, we might not being able to achieve this in a century from now. STORM Eindhoven wants to change this perspective.

When can we expect a next major update?
“We are currently developing our electric motorcycle on paper and we expect to finish the phase of designing in February. Building our first prototype will follow shortly after that. Everyone will be invited for the reveal event of our machine and it will probably take place in June. Meanwhile everyone can follow our developments via our social media channels and newsletter.”

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Photos by Tom Kok.