Pierre Fillon, President of Automobile Club de l’Ouest, has become an ambassador of 80 Day Race. Mr Fillon shares the passion for racing, team spirit and innovation that can be found in the Le Mans 24 Hours, the pinnacle of endurance racing, as well as 80 Day Race, a global competition in which competitors cover 40,000 kilometres solely with vehicles that don’t consume fossil fuel.

“Le Mans 24 Hours is a unique event and the top of the endurance pyramid. It’s the laboratory of innovation where future technologies for road cars are tested during the race. Passion for racing, team spirit, ethics, durability and fair play are the values of what we call ‘The Spirit of Le Mans’,” he said. “This is exactly what can be found in 80 Day Race. That is why I became a proud ambassador. The event promises to be inspiring and exciting and we are happy to become part of it.”