80 Day Race can count on the support of several renowned international partners.

National Geographic Channel logoNational Geographic Channel
National Geographic is a society born out of the idea of exploration and care for the planet. The channel is a contemporary extension of the Nat Geo Society: one of the world’s most trusted brands.

National Geographic Channel is a powerful brand that combines a long-standing legacy with contemporary relevance to produce high-quality programming for audiences across the globe. 
This successful formula is complemented by strategic, localized marketing and programming development that makes the channel engaging and credible, region-by-region.
hubert_auriol_consulting_logoHubert Auriol Consulting
Hubert Auriol was the first to win the Dakar Rally both in bikes and cars. Also, he headed the event as a race director for 10 years. Now he is founder and event director of the China Grand Rally.

In addition to a exceptional sporting achievements, his expertise in organisation, management and communication skills are an asset for companies and brands. Around strong human values ​​that have guided his career, as a professional athlete, Hubert Auriol offers his successful skills through a full range of services.
greenpower_logo_klGreenpower Education Trust
Greenpower Education Trust aim to inspire engineers in the development of sustainable mobility. The highly successful Greenpower Challenge allows young people to design, build and race a single seat electric car, providing them with a unique hands on opportunity to engage in engineering. This proven project in the United Kingdom uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire students from primary school through to university to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematical studies. A partnership accelerates Greenpower’s expansion worldwide and helps 80 Day Race to increase the excitement about the race.
Frans Cornelis, Comarco BV
Consultancy in Marketing and Communications. Chairman INSEAD sustainability roundtable and former CMO Randstad holding.
speedstream_logo2_150Speedstream Ltd
Speedstream Ltd offers high-end, bespoke management services to the motor, motorsport and sporting industries, focusing on project and events management, customer advocacy programmes and communications strategies. Speedstream has extensive experience in delivering large international motorsport events, including Formula E, A1GP, World Superbikes and Motocross Grands Prix as well as having consulted to F1 Teams and many motor manufacturers. Their expanding activities to the international market use an extensive and enviable list of associates and suppliers who operate across the globe to deliver high-end solutions to customers with international operations, covering budget management and planning, event overlay and infrastructure, hospitality, construction of temporary circuits and facilities, council planning and permissions and temporary public services.
falconstar_logo_200FalconStar (FaSt) Network
FalconStar (FaSt) Network, loyal & discreet, enables and facilitates match making between investors and opportunities, both in Qatar and Europe. Their services include tailor-made missions with access to key decision-makers in the following 5 networks: education, health, water, arts and impact investment. FalconStar (FaSt) Network is based in Doha and Amsterdam, and has presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
New Earth FilmsNew Earth Films
New Earth Films is a Dutch based, but British rooted production company which produces content for international broadcasters from Discovery Channel to National Geographic – Its focus is on genres from Adventure, Culture, Travel and Wildlife. Having worked in over 130 countries and has the field experience and expertise to deliver story of the unfolding expedition.

New Earth Films has delivered to International broadcasters various observational documentaries from locations from Greenland to Mt Everest.
vonplanta_logo_200Von Planta Productions
Von Planta Productions is based in London and is owned by the Swiss filmmaker Claudio Von Planta. Claudio is probably best known for filming and directing Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in the highly successful TV series called ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down’ where Claudio directed and filmed most of the adventures from the back of his BMW motorbike.

Von Planta Productions also delivered to BBC World a series following the journey along the Pan- American Highway of a team of student engineers from imperial College London as they drove their fully electric race car the SRZero.
Magneds is the number one in customer loyalty. Always in pole position when developing online loyalty programs from A to Z, for B to C.
Their sites and apps ensure that customers and brands keep in contact. Contact that, according to Magneds, only becomes valuable when you know how to strike the right chord. And that’s exactly where Magneds' strength lies. With work for a.o. FrieslandCampina, Sanoma and Entertainment Experience, Magneds gives brands and their customers a head start in loyalty.