Jan Lammers is a former Formula 1 Dutch racing driver, Le Mans 24 hours race winner and a renowned team principal.

Besides the racing aspect, what really attracts Jan to the 80 Day Race is the worldwide challenge. “What I particularly like about the world aspect is that you have an opportunity of involving so many different countries, so many different companies, that all have a similar message”. He’s convinced the competitive element will help to make it more powerful: “Good competition is great. You not only share your passion, but also your knowledge.”

With a long career on four wheels, Jan does see the importance of promoting renewable resources, or as he put it half-jokingly: “I’ve been polluting all my life with these bad racing cars, so now it’s a little bit payback time.” And maybe ambassadorship is not the only way Jan will ‘pay back’, because he’s also interested to take part in the race. “The ideal scenario is of course to be a participant, albeit for a multinational company or a car manufacturer who would likes to enter. Then I could be a team Captain or Vice Captain.”