Around the world, local partners are helping 80 Day Race to enhance this global adventure by organising engaging local events.

Gil NBGil Fallet
80 Day Race Partner and exclusive representative for France.

In charge of press relation (France) and event production in the host city of Paris.
Gil Fallet is an event producer for nearly 20 years. Specialised in the organisation of well-visited sports events and general public events, he has developed skills that are recognised internationally.
Aidar MaratAidar Marat
80 Day Race Partner and exclusive representative in Kazakhstan.

Aidar is a Senior Architect who aims to integrate sustainability and energy efficiency in architecture and industry. Utilizing his skills in sustainable architecture Aidar was responsible in shaping and developing design and construction of the International specialized exhibition Astana EXPO-2017, which theme is “Future Energy”, and according to sustainable requirements and International environmental assessment methods.
Unveiling the theme “Future Energy” he headed and worked on content and legacy of the EXPO-2017 and cooperating with UN General Secretary’s Initiative Sustainable Energy For All.
He is a board member of Nazarbayev University Industrial Advisory Board, Kazakhstan Green Building Council, Samruk-Qazyna Real Estate Fund Technical Council.

falconstar_logo_200FalconStar (FaSt) Network
80 Day Race Partner and representative in the Gulf States.

FalconStar (FaSt) Network, loyal & discreet, enables and facilitates match making between investors and opportunities, both in the Gulf States and Europe. Their services include tailor-made missions with access to key decision-makers in the following 5 networks: education, health, water, arts and impact investment. FalconStar (FaSt) Network is based in Doha and Amsterdam, and has presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.