The start of 80 Day Race will be the start of a new era. In 1872 fossil fuels for the first time made it possible to travel around the world in less than 80 days. Now we are at a new tipping point in history where new technology for the first time allows us to go around the world in less than 80 days without the use of fossil fuel.

The teams will start in Paris and will be heading east in the direction of China. Each team is free to choose its own route between the stopover cities, to make the adventure even greater. From Asia, the teams will cross the North Pacific Ocean to arrive at the west coast of North America where the half way mark will be celebrated. Teams race through a variety of landscapes towards South America final stop, before heading back to Europe. From there, a short leg – which provides terrific broadcasting possibilities – will complete the circumnavigation.


Host cities, dotted around the globe, map the race track. These cities are the destination for each leg, a rewarding goal for the teams, an exciting experience for the public, and a platform for thought leaders in sustainable mobility.

The start of each leg will be a unique event that simply can not be missed; a combination of competitive challenges for the teams and entertaining and educative elements in a
 two day programme focussed on various target audiences.

Entertaining programme for everyone

The public event will include:

– EV showcase of the host city: “exhibiting the best of the region’s export EV industry and profiling the advances in products and services supplied around the world by local companies.”

– Track events: An all-day program of a variety of EV “races” such as Greenpower Education Trust finals and the qualifying event.

– Qualifying event: The event has its own separate trophy and is a critical component of the 80 Day Race.

– Prize giving: Winner of the preceded leg will be awarded, plus the winner of the qualifying event and other races such as Greenpower.

– 80 Day Race Experience Zone offers unique insight into life during the Race with the adrenaline-filled simulator, the technology challenges, energy generation and much, much more. Great fun and educational for all ages.

– Top quality range of stalls, public eateries and family activities.

– Pit Lane: the Pit Lane offers clients a one-off opportunity to witness up close the thrilling sights and sounds of the 80 Day Race vehicles in action and watch the teams prepare the vehicles for the next grueling leg from the comfort of the premium Members Lounge.

 Conference and Trade show

The Friday will be kicked off with a trade show displaying all the newest technologies regarding future mobility. The conference will address insights in the roll out and planning of the future mobility transition.

The event will mainly address writers, journalists, government officials and planners, key representatives from the mobility industry, consultants and various other professionals. It will be opened by a motivating presentation from a host city official after which everyone is invited to walk around the displays, experience some of the innovative vehicles and exchange information about the latest developments.

A key position on trade show is reserved for the international race teams and their partners, showcasing the potential of innovative design and solutions, and presenting it in an attractive and adventurous package. These world premieres will attract people to come from far to see these innovations of the future for the first time.