Teams will race between the most exciting locations around the world without using a single drop of fossil fuel. The competing teams will choose their own routes and means of transport between the stopovers. For the first edition all land-based vehicles are allowed as long as it runs on renewable resources and has no combustion engine.

The 80 Day Race project is inspired by Jules Verne’s book ‘Around the world in 80 days‘, betting that new means of transportation make it possible to achieve this challenge. At that time, in 1873, horses were about to be replaced by steam-powered vehicles. Today, we’re facing another tipping point with the first mass market electric vehicles being available. We want to accelerate the transition towards zero emission mobility through an 80 day race around the world.

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The teams will start in Paris and will be heading east in the direction of China. Each team is free to choose its own route, to make the adventure even greater. From Asia, the teams will cross the North Pacific Ocean to arrive at the west coast of North America where the half way mark will be celebrated. Teams race through a variety of landscapes towards the east coast of Central America, before heading back to Europe. From there, a short leg – which provides terrific broadcasting possibilities – will complete the 40,000-kilometre journey.

All legs of the 80 Day Race will finish and start in a major city. These cities will host significant events; a combination of entertainment and education in a
 two-day programme focussed on various target audiences.

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Rules and regulations
There are several basic rules that teams have to meet, but well documented regulations will stimulate creativity. For example all teams will start simultaneously to race from one of the stopover cities to the next, the route they take between these locations are for the teams to decide.

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Why a race?
80 Day Race will be the most exciting race around the world of this era: to contribute to a future in which mobility is solely reliant on renewable resources. Aiming for this vision, we challenge mankind to push boundaries of technology and by creating the pinnacle of sustainable global racing. The four pillars on which the race is based, are:

  • Mobility is changing rapidly and will have to develop even faster with the diminishing supply of conventional fuel.
  • The best way to push and stimulate development is through worldwide competition.
  • Introducing new technology and products to the bigger audience gain the most positive results when presented in association with an exciting or fun experience,
  • People have their personal dreams and ambitions. They idolize the people that ‘live the dream’ and embrace the brands and tools that have created that opportunity.

Inspired? Contact us about the opportunities to join as a team, sponsor or host city. And feel free to connect with us on twitter and facebook.