80 Day Race will challenge mankind to push boundaries of technology by creating the pinnacle of sustainable, long distance racing.

In 1873, Jules Verne published the novel “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours” betting that new means of transportation make it possible to travel around the world in 80 days. At the time this seemed science-fiction using power steamers and “high-speed” trains.

Today, with modern technology this is no longer a challenge but the novel still inspires adventurers all over the world.

Now, our world is faced with new challenges and solutions seem science-fiction; hydrogen powered cars, solar-boats, electric vehicles and bio-fuels. A great start for a new adventure.

A new race around the world will challenge teams to race between eight of the most exciting locations around the world without using a single drop of fossil fuel.

This race will deliver a unique premiere competition providing global media exposure and a distinctive corporate hospitality platform for future mobility. It will be a legendary new adventure with worldwide exposure focussing on competition, adventure and innovation.

Inspired by the book “Around the world in 80 days” by Jules Verne, 80DR requires a team to consist of at least a Captain and a Vice Captain who will travel the full distance. They have to select and prepare their own vehicle(s) and are allowed to change vehicles at every stopover, however these vehicles need to be approved by 80DR before the start of the race. For the first edition all landbased vehicles are allowed, as long as it won’t consume fossil fuels and has not been equipped with a combustion engine. Teams are free to plan their own route between the stopovers.

The start and finish of each leg will be glamorous events at interesting world cities hosting an array of activities for the general audience as well as exclusive events for VIP’s and/ or specific target audiences.

The race will recur every three year, allowing for new developments in sustainable mobility to be showcased.

Commitment to Sustainability

The 80 Day Race’s vision is to contribute to a future in which mobility is solely reliant on renewable resources. Aiming for this vision, we challenge mankind to push boundaries of technology by creating the pinnacle of sustainable global racing.

The four pillars on which the race is based, are:

  • Mobility is changing rapidly and will have to develop even faster with the diminishing supply of conventional fuel.
  • The best way to push and stimulate development is through worldwide competition.
  • Introducing new technology and products to the bigger audience gain the most positive results when presented in association with an exciting or fun experience,
  • People have their personal dreams and ambitions. They idolize the people that ‘live the dream’ and embrace the brands and tools that have created that opportunity.

Our brand promise is:

  • 80 Day Race will be the benchmark, the number 1 sustainable technology race around the world.
  • 80 Day Race will create legends and provide worldwide exposure and endorsement.
  • 80 Day Race will provide a global platform for relevant sustainable mobility.

An independent company will measure exposure on television and social media, increased brand awareness for 80 Day Race and associated brands, attitude towards 80 Day Race and associated brands and increase of associated product/ service sales.

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